Talks, Podcasts, Publications


Suffering, Authenticity, and Productivity (Lessons I Learned From Bipolar Disorder) presented at GetConf Omaha 2019.

Failure, Risk, and Shame: Approaching Suffering in Software Development, presented at Railsconf 2019. Find just the slides here.

Late, Over Budget, and Happy: Our Service Extraction Story, presented with Nat Budin at Rubyconf 2019. Find just the slides here.

Debugging Product Teams, Rubyconf 2021. Find just the slides here.


I appeared as a guest on Greater Than Code #199 and #127, and am a sometimes panelist there as well.

Noel Rappin had me on his podcast Tech Done Right #65


The One Weird Trick to Great 1-1s, published in LeadDev, August 2021

You’re not just a manager, you’re also a boss, Published in LeadDev, February 2021

Mental Health Apps in Psychiatric Treatment: A Patient Perspective on Real World Technology Usage, with Emil Chiauzzi, published in The Journal of Medical Internet Research, Mental Health, 2019.

It takes a village to get a course of ECT. A blog post I wrote for Prompt, an non-profit focused on mental health in tech, when I joined their speaker’s bureau (Prompt has merged with OSMI where I remain on the speaker’s bureau).