In Memoriam: George Isikoff Newell


Our beloved kitty George, of blessed memory, finally ran out of lives. He has given our family so much love and joy over the years. He sat with me through some of the darkest times of my life — through several episodes of suicidal depression he took care of me.

We got him in December 2007 from some people on a homeschooling email list. They wrote ” We think that he might think he is a dog LOL! He is just so laid back, and loves people. He even answers to his name:)” and they were right. He greeted everyone at the door and would sometimes stand outside the bathroom door waiting for one of his humans to emerge. He had such a loud purr and he was a good mouser. He even bagged a mouse as recently as January, just days after we’d been told he only had a few days left to live.

For such a social kitty, the pandemic was a real blessing. For the last two years he’s hardly ever had to be alone at home; we even brought him on vacation with us to Vermont and would let him out on the decks to watch the birds and roll around in the sun. But his kidneys started failing in late fall. We’ve spent the last few months enjoying every moment with him. But… it was time to let him go.

We’d appreciate hearing any of your thoughts and memories of George in the comments.

3 thoughts on “In Memoriam: George Isikoff Newell

  1. My heart goes out to you all. I never met George in person, but his sweet presence graced many a Zoom call, and I loved that he made the youngest A. Newell smile without fail. I hope photos and memories of George bring you four much comfort as you grieve.

  2. I am grateful for antihistamines, & your family’s gracious hospitality, for memories with sweet kitty George. Thank you for giving him such a wonderful life.

  3. We were George’s previous family and he truly was the coolest cat. We found him at the Mansfield animal shelter and he was so obnoxious we knew he had to get him. During his first week with us he got out of our apartment and would not come back all night. The kids and I could hear him fighting with all of neighborhood strays and feared for his life. The next morning we saw him sunbathing on a giant rock in the middle of the complex completely unharmed and claiming the whole place like the Lion King. We just scooped him right up and brought him back inside and he never tried to escape again lol. Seriously, the coolest cat ever.

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