Engineering Career & Leadership Coaching

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The Basics:

First step is a pay-what-you-can/want half-hour appointment just to get to know each other and see if we click and if we think I can help you out. Schedule your first appointment here.

During or after that meeting we can talk or you can think about what are your goals for the coaching engagement. 

Goals generally fall into three zoom levels:

Vison:  (long-term)

We can take a broad/long view/more life-coachy view: what do you value and what’s your long term vision for yourself, if you have one. Live a life you value that’s in accordance with your values. How does your current career fit into that for you? What steps do you want to take now to move closer to your general life vision. 

Strategy: (medium-term)

We can talk through your current situation/near term goals at work and identify one or more specific goals you have for coaching that advance your work goals. Might be something like “get my next promotion” or “establish myself as a leader in x”

Tactics: (short-term)

You don’t have specific vison or strategy goals to work on, you just want someone to advise you on specific tactical issues: in this case I’m serving as a third-party perspective on various immediate concerns in your work life. We can do single sessions on those or we can work together for a few sessions just talking about what’s going on for you in the moment and do some coaching around whatever comes up. This is tactical work. If it’s several sessions the meta-goal is to gain facility in joint problem-solving around tactical issues.

Your goals might be a mix of these, or your first goal might be “uh, help me figure out my goals”. 

Further notes:

  • All of this is subject to flex as needed — while structure and process are important holders for the work, the facts on the ground, the individual, and their ongoing needs are more important.
  • Naturally, if you’re not sure what your goals are yet but they are in the vision or strategy realm, it may take a couple of sessions to even figure out what those are, with extra homework in between (journaling, etc.). 
  • All of my coaching will focus on leaning into your strengths more than repairing/ameliorating weaknesses, with the sole exception of when the weaknesses are around collaboration and interpersonal skills. 
  • Sessions are confidential, whether you or your company is paying, subject to legal constraints.
  • If you want to do a series of sessions: we can meet weekly or every other week; of course things come up but it’s hard to retain context when meeting less frequently unless there’s been an ongoing relationship; so I don’t think that offers client much benefit. 
  • In the unlikely case that you really just want occasional consultation on a tactical level and you don’t need me to have context and an ongoing understanding of your history and goals, you can do singles as needed. But if you have even the meta-goal of  “see what it’s like to problem solve tactically with another person on a regular basis” then it makes sense to plan for a set number of sessions (TBD, once we understand what your goal is) and make the room in your life to support that work.  
  • All that said, you may want to start with singles if you’re not sure yet what your goals are or if you want help figuring that out, then commit to a set of sessions when you feel clear on what you want.
  • All types of sessions include a pre-session worksheet, a post-session worksheet (mainly for your own use) and a follow up note from me of any resources or key points that we discussed in the session. The worksheets are quick work.
  • Engagements that are for a set number of sessions with a particular goal in mind likely also have homework around those goals or habits you’re hoping to form, in which case I’d ask also that you keep a record of that work for discussion at the next appointment. 


My fair-market rate is $350/hr. However, I sometimes am able to offer discounts based on the following considerations: Self-pay vs. L&D budget paid; members of historically marginalized groups in tech (BIPOC and/or Women/trans/genderfluid/gender-nonconforming/nonbinary); early vs mid vs. late career; employed vs. unemployed.

An employed senior manager, director, or VPE will pay $350 an hour. Most others will pay $250 – 300/hr. A small # of folks may qualify for a lower rate depending on their circumstances. Please inquire with the specifics of your circumstances.

Many companies that offer Learning and Development budgets will reimburse coaching fees.

My hours are 50 minutes long (I use that extra ten minutes to follow up with any notes or homework or resources we discussed!). Payment is due at time of service. I invoice via paypal.